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About Me

I am currently a Bachelor of Music student at Berklee College of Music. I grew up in the Midwest in a town near Detroit, MI called Fowlerville. While attending high school in the eighth grade I started my own small business called Adam’s Music Lessons. When I graduated high school I had around twenty students whose homes I traveled to, to teach them music.

I am a guitar player but am also practiced on Bass, Piano, Drums, Voice, French Horn, Trumpet and teach in all styles including Blues, Jazz, and Classic Rock to name a few. When I teach I strive for all of my students to get the best educational experience possible. I like to teach by this philosophy:

“There are many things that go into a quality Music Education. All of these things fall under four distinctive categories: Listening, Analyzing, Performing, Creating. I try my hardest to bring all of these aspects of the proper music education to the table in every session with each student that I teach. Through proper preparation, performance opportunity, and a passionate, devoted teaching style, I will give my students the best Music Education experience I can possibly offer. As well as this, I will help each stuent achieve their own personal music goals, to excel at a rate and to a level that is acceptable for the student to perform at their maximum potential.”

Along with going to school at Berklee College of Music I am also currently running my own business called Calus Music Lessons.

Some of my musical training and accomplishments are as follow:

• President/Professor of “Adam Calus’ Music Lessons” 27 Private Students and 2 Ensembles enrolled to date, based in Quincy, MA.

• Volunteer at Boston Latin Academy Co-Teaching Instrumental, Choral, and Theory Courses with Mr. Eytan Wurman.

• Achieved no lower than a 3.7 GPA at Berklee College of Music.

• Been on the Berklee College of Music Dean’s List for 9 semesters in a row.

• Tutored students in the core classes of Ear Training, Harmony and Arranging, Composition.

• Participated in BTOT as a conference assistant.

• Performed with entering and continuing students from Berklee College of Music at local places in Revere, MA (Where I used to live).

• Currently a member and sponsored artist of Artist Live Boston.

• Have taught at Vuk School of Groove in Cambridge, MA. Teaching up to 15 students in ensemble and private lesson settings.

• Used to work in association with Voices by the Shore as the Sound and Music Engineer for their live performances.

• Owner of Calus’ Music Lessons in Southeastern Michigan for 5 years before moving to Boston, MA for studies at Berklee College of Music. By the time I left there were 2 Ensembles and 20 private students enrolled.