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Rodrigo Javier Lagunas Romero

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Release of Calavera y la Canalla First Album, and Berklee Classes have begun! trilled!! 
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Hi everyone!

I am from Chile, born and raised there, I live and breath for music everyday… I am a guitar teacher in my music academy, down here in Costa Rica. It is a beautiful place to live with many young talents making their way trough the music business. It is very difficult here because of the little tiny amount of support Costa Ricans give for their nacional artists… And also, the kind of music most of the people hear is mostly regaeton and that kind of things. Jazz and blues appreciation comes from a very small minority of the public. Anyway, I do what I can to always be gigging around the country, and playing in the beaches is the best! I consider myself a reading geek, I have probably about 20 guitar, harmony, composition, reading, solfege, also jazz piano books, and of course, all the available existences of the Real Books, and my personal favorite, the Pat Metheny song book. Oh! I almost forgot to remark: Pat Metheny is my favorite musician, guitar player,arranger and composer… I can only hope to meet him and shake his hand, so maybe he could pass on that gift he got from divinity to his hands! haha..

Hey, if you can chek out* Luis Alberto Spinetta*, you will be amazed by the kind of talent we have in south america..

Check out my academy website, is currently under construction, so its not that glamorous :)