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Online Student

Bob Melvin

Online Student
Architect and Lead Developer of the Berklee Music Network 
Member since 2011

About Me

Since enrolling in Guitar Chords 101 at Berkleemusic in 2011, I’ve been playing my guitars a lot more often. I alternate between my new cheap-but-fun Schecter C-1FR and my old 1960’s Gibson Melody Maker – the two favorites in my modest collection. I look forward to trying all of the guitar and bass courses that Berkleemusic has to offer. At the same time, I’ll be working hard to improve the technology used in the courses and in the Berklee Music Network.

IM Screen Names

Experience & Education


  • CTO/Developer for Berklee Media
    January 2011 to Present (over 9 years)


  • Chief Software Architect for Eons, Inc
    October 2006 to December 2010 (over 4 years)

    Social networking for "Boomers" on, plus innovative group dating with

  • Lead Software Developer for Mark of the Unicorn
    June 1995 to December 2005 (over 10 years)

    Developed Unisyn; Worked on Digital Performer


  • BS in EE/CS at MIT
    1976 to 1980 (4 years)