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Timothy Reeder

Berklee Student
Member since 2011

About Me

There’s something about music that allows you to express ideas and emotions that just aren’t possible with words alone. It crosses the boundaries of gender, race, and religion. Good music has no genre or demographic -It’s for everyone. This is why I’ve been so fascinated by it for as long as I can remember.

Growing up we had an upright piano so that became my instrument of choice. When I was 13 enough I began teaching piano lessons and saved up enough money to buy my first guitar. The guitar opened up a whole new world of possibilities. During high school the desire to capture my ideas led me to explore the world of digital recording.

I’m constantly amazed at how many facets there are to music and, as a result, I often have trouble focusing on just one or two. Music is kind of like the popular kid in school that everyone admires and wants to be like…I feel privileged just to be associated with it and I plan on learning as much as I can from it as long as it will tolerate having me around.

Experience & Education


  • Musician / Audio Engineer for U.S. Air Force Band of Liberty
    November 2002 to December 2010 (over 8 years)