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Berklee Student

Hyerin Kim

Berklee Student
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About Me

Isn’t today beautiful day? This is your DJackie Hyerin! I have some lists that I am going to introduce you about me today, stay in this web! I’m currently a 6th semester student studying Professional Music at Berklee College of Music. My family owns a piano store since 1985. My dad always tune the pianos in the store, and I got to listen to that everyday and since then, I found out that I had perfect pitch because of my father. Because of my parents job, they knew a lot of piano professors due to tuning pianos at the professors school or academic, they let me take a lesson from a lot of amazing pianists. I started playing the piano at 4 years old and started classical music at 8 years old. I had several competitions to have more experiences in music worlds until High school. And it was very helpful to get to talk to those great musicians and listen to how they practiced and lived for music. I started playing the piano at church at 11 years old. But during middle school, I had to stop playing the piano. Because my parents did not want me to study music. They forced me to study liberal arts because they thought music will be tough to live. And It was very hard to stop something what I used to do and also stopping what I loved to do. After while I found out that whatever I do, I will end up playing the piano in my life. Because of they want me to study some other things instead of music, I could found out myself enjoying playing the piano. In addition, I found out that when I get mad and if i start to play the piano, I forget that I was mad. It made me deciding to concentrate on music. My parents finally agreed in long discuss, and I came to study in Berklee. I’m really into Jazz, blues and funk music. Berklee gave me a new experience where I can listen and play in the whole world music, and it also help me to find what kind of music I enjoy, play, listen. As of 6th semester, I am enjoying so much and found out what kinds of clubs, groups are going on in the school. I found out this amazing and fabulous Berklee Internet Radio Network club. I am now a DJ at the BIRN. I had a dream as becoming a Anchor, an Anchor who introducing musicians or a voice actress who show some musician’s life through movie. And now, I am stepping closer to my dream as doing Internet radio DJ. I never thought I could be on the air or even doing the DJ. My friends and family are listening to my show in Korea, China, Belgium and all over the world.

IM Screen Names

Experience & Education


  • Radio DJ for The BIRN (Berklee Internet Radio Network)
    May 2012 to Present (over 7 years)

    Searching for new music every week, Introducing the playlist, Announcing Berklee's current events, Writing scripts about people's daily lives, Inviting, interviewing and interacting with one-time guests, Hosting live talk shows on air

  • Teacher for Kid's church
    January 2012 to Present (over 8 years)

    Provide lesson plans every week and teaching them songs

  • Anchor for Worship Frontier Church
    December 2010 to Present (over 9 years)

    Advertising Announcement in every sunday with bright and clear voice

  • Waitress for Color Restaurant
    August 2009 to Present (over 10 years)

    I contributed in giving our customers an enjoyable experience with great service.


  • Private instructor for Self employed musician
    July 2007 to September 2010 (over 3 years)

    Gave piano lesson to children and adults, taught basic keyboard skills and classic piano.

  • Private instructor for Self employed musician
    April 2007 to May 2009 (over 2 years)

    Gave private instructions on every instruments specifically for flute, violin, viola and cello. Correcting notes, teaching how to read well on sight reading.


  • BA in Professional Music at Berklee College of Music
    2009 to 2014 (5 years)