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Berklee Alum

S.R. Buck

Berklee Alum
Film Composer-Soundtrack Collector-Photographer-Graphic Artist 
Newton, MA
Member since 2010

About Me

I have a formal music education from Berklee in Film Composition and Piano.

My composition training and understanding of numerous styles of music allow me to create works in all genres using either acoustic and/or electronic instrumentation. I also have an extensive set of Kontakt, Omnisphere samples, effects, and sound design libraries that can be used for many films.

I am making it a professional priority to expand my music composition ability and seek to create music that would be fitting to pair with media projects such as: film, TV, radio, commercial, and video games. Film music is the musical storyboard and map for the film and I treat every segment of a film as it were that.

I have scored two local films: A Horror, titled “Eamons Road” and a documentary, “The Times Were Never So Bad: The Life of Andre Dubus.” (Father of Andre Dubus III who wrote “House of Sand and Fog”) I have also composed music for a Capella University TV commercial that has been airing nationally.

If you have an upcoming project that needs original music, please contact me directly. I have the skills to take your story to the next level and to make your characters more sympathetic.

Quote by Edward J. Delaney on “The Times Were Never So Bad: The Life of Andre Dubus” film.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephen. The music he created for my film fit seamlessly with the narrative, bringing out an emotional underscoring
that helped drive home the story.”

Edward J. Delaney-Filmmaker / Author / Journalist / Communications Professor
Roger Williams University

Please note: All music is copyrighted

Experience & Education


  • Piano Teacher for
    April 2019 to Present (10 months)
  • Piano Teacher for
    September 2018 to Present (about a year and a half)

    Teacher adults and children piano lessons

  • Piano Teacher for Freelance
    September 2008 to Present (over 11 years)

    Teach basic piano skills to children and adult beginners. Designed finger exercise and chord lessons.


  • Piano/Music teacher for Piano Playtime
    September 2017 to June 2018 (9 months)

    Taught piano to twelve Kindergarten to 4th grade students in Milton, MA.

  • Composer for Bucko Productions
    July 2007 to September 2007 (2 months)

    Composed music for Superhero comic book website / video "Paragon's Theme"

  • Composer for Bucko Productions
    November 2006 to January 2007 (2 months)

    The Times Were Never So Bad: The Life of Andre Dubus (Father of Andre Dubus III ("House of Sand and Fog") Written/Directed by Ted Delaney Premiered at The New England Film and Video Festival, Rhode Island Film Festival, Newburyport Film Festival and various Festivals around the U.S.

  • Composer for Bucko Productions
    December 2005 to March 2006 (3 months)

    Composed music for Independent Horror film "Eamon's Road" Directed/Written by Janelle Morrissey (MistyHaze Productions) Premiered at The Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA

  • Film Music Intern for JMCMusic
    November 1999 to April 2000 (5 months)

    Internship with current Berklee faculty member and Independent / Documentary Film Composer Jeanine Cowen. Responsibilities include writing cue breakdowns and timing notes. Assisted with the setup of recording equipment for several Boston Symphony musicians.