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Online Student

Bradley Notman

Online Student
Guitarist, Music Composer, Recording Engineer, Private Instructor, Sound Design 
Steele, ND
Member since 2005

About Me

Guitarist, writer, private instructor, recording producer. Work out of my home studio in Des Moines, WA. Currently enrolled in Master Certificate program here at Berklee for Guitar and Music Production.

Brad has been playing guitar since about 1978 and through the 80’s played in various bands, most notably Triaxe, which played heavy metal of the era (Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, UFO, Scorpions, etc.) and a handfull of original songs.
Then with his discovery of MIDI, Brad started teaching himself sequencing and MIDI implimentation on some of the earliest MIDI sequencing programs available. Learning how to create his own MIDI instruments with recorded clips of guitars, effects, ect., way back when really no one was doing that kind of clip manipulation. Then, as programs and MIDI became more comprehensive and expressive, Brad started experimenting with drum sequences and how to make them sound less sycopated and more “real”. Studying real drummers helped him figure out velocity and timing variations in certain beats or feels.
As of more recent, Brad is here at Berklee taking a Master Certificate course to further his many years of self teaching with the prospect of honing his production and guitarist skills to the next level. Currently working on a Tribute to Rush project, Brad has been recording a collection of his favorite Rush songs, playing all the instruments himself (except the drums, which he writes out on a sequencer).

Q:What are you working on now?
A: Honing my production skills by taking this Certificate course at Berklee. I’d like to work with other bands/ musicians in the future more on the recording, production side. I also want to teach more guitar. I love seeing a young person progress in their skills and makes you feel good when your students start forming bands, coming up with their own licks and writing. Thats what it’s all about! One of my dreams is to start a music and production program for inner-city/underprivileged kids.

Q:What kind of people or opportunities are you hoping to find on Berkleemusic?
A: Berklee is a great place to meet similar musically minded people as well as getting tastes of other genres of music that you never really listened to or appreciated before. And there are so many very talented people going to Berklee, it’s awesome to be exposed to such diverse talents and walks of life. I live in Seattle and I’ve met people from all over the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Great Britain, South Africa… pretty much everywhere and It’s amazing the diversity of musical styles.

Brad has been a member of ASCAP since 1995.

Experience & Education


  • Guitar Instructor for various private students
    January 1992 to Present (over 28 years)

    Teach and mentor young people who desire to learn to play guitar.


  • Lead Guitar for Triaxe
    August 1981 to April 1985 (over 3 years)

    Lead Guitar and sound technician for Seattle area progressive/hard rock band Triaxe.


  • Master Certificate in Music Production - Guitar at Berklee College of Music
    2008 to 2012 (4 years)
  • AA in Radio & Television Technician at Phoenix Institute of Technology
    1980 to 1981 (1 years)