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Online Student

Francesco Daniele

Online Student
Drummer,Drum Tech, band manager/tour manager 
New Britain
Member since 2011

About Me

Francesco Daniele was born on December 8, 1983 in Messina, Italy.
he lived in many towns of Italy because of his father’s job with Navy.
always been a passionate about music…. when he was 12 he started playing drums as autodidact, after playing in various bands for several years, at 17 years old starts playing in a band called DESTROY, a hardcore / metal-core band in the city of La Spezia, which will become his first serious project;
He starts to take seriously drums lessons from a friend and then have his first studio experience to record the first demo with his band.
After several years of different concert experiences & 3 CDs, unfortunately the band split.
He still playing in a different bands and studying with different teachers, he also start a course for sound engineer, and starts to enter more deeply in the music business, working in concert and at the same time starts to organize a few gigs in the local area.
After some time he was called to be part of a new melodic-death metal band called CARVED with them he went in a European tour, in support of a historic Italian band, NECRODEATH.
In the meantime He continues to gain experience in the business, starts the first productions and collaborates on shows with artists such as Arch Enemy, Nearea, Poison The Well, etc. ..
in the meantime becomes Band manager / tour manager of two Italian bands, RAINTIME & SOULDECEIVER, and with the first one he went on European tour to support the famous band W.A.S.P.
After this experience he decided to move in the United States to be able to grow his experience as a musician and manager …..
the story continues…

IM Screen Names

Experience & Education


  • Local Promoter for SWAMP Club
    December 2011 to Present (over 8 years)

    Local Promoter at SWAMP Club, Massa, Italy

  • Band Manager, Tour manager, FOH for SOULDECEIVER
    2009 to Present (over 11 years)

    Band Manager, Tour manager, FOH, for SOULDECEIVER (

  • Band manager/Tour manager for RAINTIME
    2007 to Present (over 13 years)

    Band Manager, Tour manager for RAINTIME (


  • FOH, sound & lights engineer manager for CDA Animation & Comunication
    April 2012 to November 2012 (7 months)

    FOH, sound & lights engineer manager

  • Road Manager for Nadir Music
    January 2012 to January 2012 (less than a month)

    Road Manager for the band LOUDBLAST, on their Italian tour 2012

  • Band manager / Tour Manager / Merchandise / Techni for Eupean Tour With RAINTIME
    November 2010 to November 2010 (less than a month)

    Band Manager / Tour Manager / Merchandiser / Technical assistant of RAINTIME, Europe tour with WASP

  • Drum tech for Necrodeath
    March 2010 to April 2010 (about a month)

    Drum tech for NECRODEATH ( on European tour

  • Drummer for European Tour
    March 2010 to March 2010 (less than a month)

    Drummer for CARVED, on European tour with NECRODEATH

  • Promoter for Freelance
    October 2009 to October 2009 (less than a month)

    Promoter for Poison The Well ( live at The King in Livorno (Italy) in October 31st 2009

  • Promoter for Freelance
    May 2008 to May 2008 (less than a month)

    Promoter for NEAERA ( live at Crazy Bull in Genova (Italy) in May 28th 2008


  • in Concert & Touring at Berklee College Of Music
    2011 to 2011 (Less than a year)
  • in Sound Engineering at EnAIP, Pisa (Italy)
    2005 to 2006 (1 years)
  • Computer science in Computer science at ITI G. Paolo 2, Rome (Italy)
    1997 to 2004 (7 years)