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Albert Perez

Berklee Student
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Boston, MA
Member since 2008

About Me

Albert Anthony Perez

Audio Engineer, Musician, Media Artist, Friend

My journey into the world of music started at age three, when I stuck my finger inside of an 8-track player in an attempt to repair it. The result was a lifelong scar to my finger and an enduring love for all things musical.

By age five, I already understood how to use our home stereo to record mixed tapes and my own performances. My mother tolerated my constant banging on pots and pans, and once, rescued me after I electrocuted myself and destroyed all the breakers in our home. She supported my passion by purchasing many child-sized instruments for me to explore, and to play. Like many mothers, she sang to me in the womb.

At age nine, after attending a school assembly highlighting the school district’s band, I decided I wanted to play the trumpet. I was captivated by the thought of learning to play an instrument. I wanted to make music. At first, I was fearful about asking my father for the money to rent an instrument. However, without a bit of hesitation, he fully supported my musical and creative endeavors and he continues to do so. My dad and I would always listen to music together. He was my first teacher of electronics, and he taught me a lot about organization and attention to small details. My parents have a large Vinyl collection, of which I thoroughly enjoyed in my formative years.

It was during high school, that I first felt a calling to become an accomplished sound engineer. In my high school’s theater, I discovered that I have a natural ability to run a mixer. My love of technology and music performance developed into an enthusiasm for combining these two skills. This lead me to pursue a career in audio engineering. I spent tireless hours developing my skills while working in theater. This lead to my first job at a local production house. I was ecstatic to bring my skills to a professional level.

I attended Ventura Community College, and earned my Associates Degree in Music. I continued to work full-time at a sound and lighting production house as lead salesman and sound technician. By day, I was learning how music is made, and by night I would prepare equipment for performances all over the country. In my spare time I worked in community theater productions as a lead vocalist, and I took drum lessons with a Berklee alumnus.

In 2007, I journeyed cross-country to attend Berklee. I was excited to be embarking on a formal music education. Just one year later, I had to postpone my education at Berklee for lack of financial aid. Since then, I have been working for an audio visual production company and assisting in sound engineering at my community church. I am excited about returning to Berklee and finishing my degree in Music Production and Engineering. Having my degree would take me to the next level professionally and emotionally.

I am ready to be a highly skilled sound engineer, media artist, musician and community friend. I want to be able to capture the sound and footage of artists performing their works, so others may hear and experience what each special artist contributes. I want to professionally capture art and music, which keep us connected through the universal language of love. I also intend to continue my journey in perfecting my own performance skills. I understand that I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, and I am eager to get started! My hope is that the financial aspects of this journey will align, so I may attend this year.

My goal is to be a better listener, and finely tune my ears so that I can produce and master great musical performances. I want to reach out to families who need support, through free music and art initiatives. I would like to help and encourage others to continue to teach the gift of music. I hope to help “building tomorrow, today,” as my band director Lou Lingo would always say. I will be instrumental in helping others find passion through music, and I want to remind people of the power of musical expression.

My love and appreciation for each instrument is progressing each day, as I strive to continually listen to a variety of genres and keep my musical ears honed. I have a great hope that I will be able to return to Berklee to finish what I started and to fulfill my purpose.

Thank you for considering supporting my dream.

Most Sincerely,

Albert Anthony Perez
Trebla Sound Media

Cell. 805-415-6766

Please visit


Experience & Education


  • On Call Audio Engineer for events. for Greater Boston Vineyard
    March 2012 to Present (about 8 years)

    Running sound for various concerts. Most notably David Coleman & Confirmation CD Release Concert.

  • Audio Visual Technician for PSAV formerly Swank Audio Visuals
    December 2008 to Present (over 11 years)

    Experienced technician for private events at luxury hotels in Boston.

  • Owner for TreblaSound
    September 2008 to Present (over 11 years)

    Start Up business focused on technical aspects of productions. Video, Photography, Live Sound, Recording. Supports free local arts and music initiatives. Worship Ministry support services.


  • Vice President/ Sales and Service for Luner's Pro Sound and Lighting, LLC.
    April 2003 to September 2008 (over 5 years)

    Sales and technical services. Musicians, DJ's, Event Production, Rentals.


  • BA in Music Production & Engineering at Berklee College of Music
    2007 to 2014 (7 years)
  • Associates in Arts in Music at Ventura Community College
    2003 to 2006 (3 years)