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Taylor Knox

Berklee Student
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About Me

I’ve been playing music since I was 9 years old, when I pulled a Stratocaster out of a gift box on Christmas Day. I picked up the drums in the 5th grade for the school band since guitar was a no-no in school. I played guitar and sang in my first band, gigging around the Bethany Beach area when I was 11. Since this, I have played with multiple bands ranging from church settings to rock shows, to headlining school variety shows, to running open mic nights, to playing around the Delaware and Maryland area. I have been teaching private music lessons since I could drive to the students (age 16).
I am currently attending Berklee College of Music, studying music business. I have been involved in different recording projects in the Berklee community from recording guitar tracks to engineer assisting. I write music every day and play with different groups around Boston. A new experience this year is recording and playing drums with a friends metal band (National Vodoo). I love learning and building on my music career. Next to studying music business and guitar with Berklee, I am studying modern recording techniques on my own, using the Fordham road rehearsal rooms to not only rehearse, but to experiment with sound and engineering.
I love collaborating with different colleagues and creating new sounds and vibes so if you are looking to create and experiment, send me a message and we can collaborate our ideas. i also love cereal and mexican food.

Experience & Education


  • working on BA in music business at Berklee
    2009 to 2013 (4 years)