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About Me

*A music composer currently working in Beijing.

*Working on TV advert scoring

*Slowly working more on TV series scoring or film scoring

*Also hoping to bring Oriental styles of music together with Western conventional genres

Other trivia

  • born and bred in Hong Kong
  • acquired Canadian citizenship at birth, but have never been to North America (nor anywhere outside Asia, except South Africa)
  • studied at various international schools since elementary/primary school
  • started working in the food and beverage industry at 18. Started at bus boy/food runner and made my way up to supervisor in various restaurants. Then I found that it wasn’t for me after 6 years of routine work
  • moved to Shanghai at 2008 in search for better opportunities in the booming Chinese market
  • currently living in Beijing
  • started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 12, nylon finger picking techniques, mostly played ballads, some classical guitar pieces
  • started playing electric guitar at 14, but mostly basic stuff like Nirvana, and was into J-rock/Visual Kei music
  • started playing drums at age 13, self taught. experimented in the music room back in high school and practice the para diddles myself. Eventually sat in for some friends when they needed a drummer, but never got into a band seriously.

Experience & Education


  • A/S Level in Music at King George V School
    2002 to 2003 (1 years)