About Me

Jeffrey grew up in a musical household where both his older brother Pedro (Berklee Scholarship Graduate) and his father Pete played music. Always being surrounded by rehearsals and performances, Jeffrey developed an ear for music. He got an electric guitar at the age of 8 and quickly started learning tunes. At the age of 14, he bought a pair of congas and got a foundation in Latin rhythms and percussion. At the age of 16, he received his first drum set for Christmas and started taking lessons. Soon after that, his brother Pedro would take him to play shows and his father’s blues band was formed. Starting with only a hihat and snare drum, Jeffrey grew as a player and expanded his kit. After only a year of playing drums, Jeffrey was privileged to play a private party with his brother Pedro and former Allman Brothers guitarist, Dickey Betts.
In high school, Jeffrey tried out for the drum line but found himself more comfortable in the jazz combo. Jeffrey had already had an inclination for jazz and now had the chance to study it and perform. Jeffrey quickly learned to read music and familiarize himself with the genre and vocabulary. By that time, Jeffrey had already been playing out with his brother and in his father’s band as well as several other local acts. He began to frequent jam sessions, playing with new people and networking.
When Jeffrey graduated high school, he continued to take private lessons and play his gigs at night while continuing his education at the State college of Florida. At the state college, Jeffrey played in the Jazz Ensemble and the Jazz Combo as well as with the Wind Ensemble, Orchestra and Concert Choir. Jeffrey also began taking classes in ear training, tonal harmony and jazz history. Jeffrey took jazz and classical piano lessons for a year and then continued onto electric and upright bass lessons with Mr. John Miller (Principal Bassist, Sarasota Orchestra). Later that year, Jeffrey auditioned for Berklee with his best friend Steve Duerst (Berklee Scholarship Student) and received a scholarship.
At Berklee, Jeffrey found himself surrounded by many other young and talented musicians from around the world. Jeffrey began studying Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and African rhythms as well as, Jazz. Jeffrey found himself the anchor of several student-led bands including The Bryan Lazar Trio, The Agenda, and Katie Marshall. Jeffrey performed with the groups around Boston and Cambridge and competed in the battle of the bands at the Red Room with The Bryan Lazar Trio. Jeffrey was also performing in several ensembles and found himself playing juries and recitals with his peers. In addition to these groups, Jeffrey joined the “Jazz Frat East” which was led by scholarship student and trumpet player Thomas Molina. The Jazz Frat featured a rotating cast of musicians (mostly scholarship students from around the world) and began taking their rehearsals to the streets. The Jazz Frat could be found in the summer of 2010 performing on Newbury Street regularly. During his first four semesters at Berklee, the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester employed Jeffrey where he taught drums and percussion.
Upon returning home in December 2010, Jeffrey made the transition to multi-instrumentalist, joining his brother Pedro on bass in The Psychotropic Band. Jeffrey and his brother Pedro found themselves to be an on call rhythm section, backing up artists such as Frank Hannon of Tesla, Mark Knight of Bang Tango, and 17 y/o blind blues phenomenon Conrad Oberg.
Jeffrey’s current project is called “Soundwall Jackson” and consists of himself on drums and vocals and his friend Albert Donadi on lead vocals and guitars. Their instrumentation may be the same as bands like The Black Keys or The White Stripes but their sound and influences are much more diverse. They have a classic rock sound blended with elements or reggae, funk, hip-hop, hard rock, and alternative. The band is currently in the process of getting their debut release mastered.

Experience & Education


  • Drum Teacher for Guitar Center Studios
    March 2012 to Present (over 7 years)

    Teaching drums to people of all ages

  • Drummer, Percussionist, Bassist for Professional Musician
    December 2003 to Present (over 15 years)

    Has been performing live on drums and percussion since 2003. Has been playing bass professionally since January 2011.


  • Drum Teacher for Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester
    October 2009 to December 2010 (about a year)

    Teaching little kids how to rock!


  • International Baccalaureate in at Riverview High School
    2002 to 2006 (4 years)