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Spencer Sweet

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About Me

I have been a life long musician. From Trumpet & French Horn as a teen to 30 years playing guitar, keys and drums in a weekend local Rock band and am currently DJing as a hobby to pay for my tech toys— music has always been a part of my life. (My paying gig is the Marketing Director/General Manager for a local Home Center – like a Mom-&-Pop Home Depot ). For the past 9 years I have been the volunteer live sound advisor and mentor at the local high school (my wife is the Choir/Drama teacher). I have a goal to develop a semi-retirement job at the school instructing a Sound class at the Career Development Center. They have a Video class and a Theater class (along with automotive, wood shop, etc.), but no Sound (yet).
To get started with this goal, I tested the waters at Berkleemusic by taking “Producing Music with Sonar”. (Long—time Sonar user… great for sound design in theater, along with multi-track recording of the choir). I absolutely loved the class and that great experience was the impetus to continue toward a “Specialist Live Sound Production Certificate”. I have since completed “Critical Listening 1” and “Live Sound: Mixing and Recording”. My initial goal was to learn how to mix a live performance so that it sounded like a professional recording and then pass this on to the students. While this is still a continuing goal, I have been introduced to so many interesting directions in the classes at Berklee that I am planning to continue with classes—with an eye on learning more about Home/Project Studio recording. I have spent the last 6 months designing and building a small studio at home and have just started to “hear” the results of the calculations, research and design.