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Online Student

James S. Georgo

Online Student
Hi: I am 55 year old Civil Engineer from Norfolk, VA. 
Norfolk, VA
Member since 2009

About Me

Hi: I am 55 year old Civil Engineer from Norfolk, VA. I have played bass and guitar in several gigging hobby bands over the last 14 years. I most recently played bass in Vintage Vinyl Band (RIP). My experience includes playing a wide range of music including classic rock, blues and some country.

My Gear:
Fender American Fretless Jazz Bass – 4 String
G&L L-2000 U.S. – Fretless – 4 string
G&L L-2000 U.S. – 4 string

Ampeg SVT CL Heritage head
Genz-Benz Streamliner 900 head
TC Electronics RH-750 head

Bergantino NV-610 (6-10")
Bergantino HS-210 (2-10")
Bergantino HT-112 (1-12")
Genz-Benz GB-210 (2-10)

Facebook ID JSGeorgo

Experience & Education


  • Bass Specialist Certificate - December 2012 in at Berklee College of Music online
    2009 to 2012 (3 years)