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Emiel van Egdom

Berklee Alum
Lanaken, BE
Member since 2002

About Me

“A highly talented guitarist who has demonstrated the highest levels of musical achievement” Alma Berk, Jim Hall Jazz Award, USA
EMIEL VAN EGDOM Musician with 5 major worldwide releases…

His albums read like a who’s who in contemporary music and jazz…

He is equally at home in high energy electric jazz or fusion as in his romantic classical and contemporary acoustic solo guitar arrangements…

A man with many faces, but always his own. For the people who know him he’s a living legend… a wonderfull diamond in the rough,
who will not be chained.
Ruud van Didden, Ruud’s Music Magazine.
Live, every tune has it’s very own different expressive charge…
Ton Pagen, writer/reporter, the Netherlands for JazzNews
When Emiel Van Egdom plugs in his guitar, the riffs, runs and scales that he will play
will reflect the influences of his European heritage
and the stylings of America’s be-bop and swing greats
Brian Arrington, reporter, NY.
Hybrid Groove: “4 stars! Emiel Jams! The tunes lay down some serious guitar jamming
over a propulsive groove.
NPR, JAZZ, 52nd Street.
“A highly talented guitarist who has demonstratedthe highest levels of musical
Alma Berk, Jim Hall Jazz Award, USA
Hybrid Groove: “There’s spirit in spades throughout the album”
52nd Street Jazz
’This is for You”, a dream debut"
Wiel Beyer, reporter
“Pure swingin’, sometimes quite and modest”
“De Limburger” on “This is for You”
Hybrid Groove: “When Emiel opens the floodgates and begins soloing, it’s “no holds
barred”. Darn good album!”
Neil Rudish
“This is for you: van Egdom’s guitar turns nasty, the feast becomes an orgy.
This is jazz with some bite!”
“Jazziz”, magazine, USA, on “This is for You”

worked with:
John Patitucci, Bob Berg, Eric Gale, Bob Sheppard, Brian Bromberg, Alex Acuna, Chico Huff, Corey Allen, Cheryl Bentyne, John Beasley, Tony Galla, Mark Murphy, Peter Gordon, Charli Green, Kendrick Macey, Ron Wilson, Joel Taylor, Consuelo Candelaria, Bob Militello, Bill Cantos, Tom Brigandi, Bob Jones, Bob Leatherbarrow, Steve Curry, Tom McCauley, Michael Pedicin Jr., Demetrios Papas, Ted Greenberg, Al DeFino, Tony Romano, Hollis Gentry III, Kenny Goldberg, Colleen Williams, Yasutaka Yoshioka, Tom Schumann, Steve Navyac, Tony Guerrero, Gerald Cannon, Margie Pos, Zan Gardner,Kathy Roberts, Jan Knooren, Bart Rademakers, Jan Franssen, Ghian Prince, Leo Janssen, Hub Boesten, Loek Boesten, Larry Swist, Bo Didley, Marcel Graus, Michel Bisceglia, Eric Vloeimans, Toon Roos, Meta de Vries, Federico Schneider, Knooren Handcrafted Instruments, Yamaha, BOSE, Jan Bosschaert, Frans Malschaert, Henri Schüller, Teu Boermans, Emmanuelle Somer, Jon Erkens, Heribert Leuchter, Dennis Luxion, Manfred Rair,
Rob Offerbeek, René van Helsdingen, Joep Onderdelinden, Hank the Knife & the Jets, Geert Scheijgrond, Peter Joosten, Dorian Broekhuyse, Jules Deelder, Mimi Verderame, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, John Engels, Ben van den Dungen, Rachel Bowen(UK), Sergej Kreso and many, many more…
Exciting info! Our whole catalog will be released on CDBaby and iTunes. Covers re-designs are done (all artwork is re-done and brought up to date by graphic artist Andreas Philipp).
Now we’re waiting for final production/packaging/shipping.
Music for the new CD is almost finished. Now let’s see where the industry is going….

Experience & Education


  • Classical Guitar Performance in Classical Guitar at Conservatorium Maastricht, the Netherlands
    1976 to 1981 (5 years)