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Rick Zander

Online Student
Kansas City
Member since 2005
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About Me

I started playing music professionally in the second half of the 60’s…..and continued through the 70’s traveling in bands doing cover songs while living in
“motels” (not to be confused with hotels) boiling soup in a popcorn popper and burning TV dinners in a toaster oven. Around “71” I began the Berklee Jazz Correspondence Course…….you would complete your assignment on blank staff paper….hand notation…mail it back to Boston, including a five dollar bill for that installment of the course……later you would receive the next lesson, with notes from your instructor.

………..the next twenty, or so, years go by without a songwriting plan or goal, periodically writing and recording…….instead a, wonderful marriage….two great daughters….things calming down……time to use all the gear I’ve collected….

I received a specialist certificate in Mixing and Mastering in ProTools in December 05, and a
masters certificate in Songwriting in March 08.

I have a small studio close to home….if everything goes well, I am able to spend about 20 hours a week there writing and recording.


Experience & Education


  • A class in Counterpoint at Berklee Online
    2011 to 2011 (Less than a year)
  • A class in Music Notation Using Sibelius at Berklee Online
    2010 to 2010 (Less than a year)
  • Master Certificate in Songwriting at Berklee Online
    2006 to 2008 (2 years)
  • Specialist Certificate in Mixing and Mastering in ProTools at Berklee Online
    2005 to 2005 (Less than a year)