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Lillian Terry-Welsh

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Boston, MA
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About Me

I was born in 1991 in Marshfield, Massachusetts. From the moment I could talk my parents knew I was musical. When I was little I used to sit on my swing set and make up little songs for myself, but the moment they left my mouth, I couldn’t remember what I had sung. When I got older I got my first tape recorder and started recording the things that I came up with so that I could complete entire songs. When I realized that there was technology on computers that allowed me to make recordings and actually make it sound good, I started playing with that. It was so exciting to make music that I could hang on to and work on. I began to realize that I wanted to know so much more about how to record and mix music.; however, I had no idea how to approach learning this. I was never able to really make myself proficient in recording until I got to Berklee. This school has taught me so much in the year and a half that I have been here.
I have always been a shy person. However, there are certain spaces in my life that have made me able to come out of my shell. In high school it was playing music at open mics and performing in plays with our drama club. Here at Berklee, I have discovered something that has allowed me to open my heart and see even more beauty in the world. This new outlet is performance poetry. I have always been terrible at talking about my feelings, and myself but performance poetry tends to be very personal and moving. I joined poetry club and since then I have become a student leader in the group and have made it on to the slam team. Being on the team requires a three hour meeting every week, along with at least 2 more hours of separate meet ups and about another three hours of writing a week. Being on the team means becoming really close with all of your team members. We work through poems that are deeply emotional and important for each of our healing. This semester has been spent healing, writing, and building a poetry family and I cannot wait to continue this journey.
In the fall semester of my junior year at Berklee I took a production class with Stephen Webber. This class required three projects, a live to two, a soundalike, and a jingle. It was pretty much a trial by fire. Each project required you to delve deeper into the world of music production. Before this class I had never really produced anything. Although this was a stressful semester, it made me fall in love with the production work. I had to organize all the players, set up rehearsals, get to know their musical and personal goals, and make it all come to life. It allowed me to really work with and connect with musicians that I never would have had the chance to get to know otherwise. It also helped me learn how to command a room and gain people’s trust so that they allow me to push them to perform their best in the studio. This project scared me a lot. I am naturally shy, so having to push people to listen to me and require them to check in often was scary. And the fact that real musicians were involved meant that I could end up letting them down; however, each project turned out great, I learned so much and fell in love with production work.
Although Berklee has helped me grow as a person and a musician, there are also other things in my life that have made me a stronger person. For four years now I have been in a steady relationship that has been long distance for four years. This relationship has made me understand the true value of communication and patience. When trying to hold up a relationship where there is no physical contact, all you have is communication. Communicating ideas, emotions, and thoughts effectively is an important skill not only to have in relationships but also in everyday life. Patience is the most important skill I have used while learning all the different aspects of engineering and production. Working in the studio office, I am required to help students solve any problems that they run across while in the studios. Even if I am not sure how to solve the problem, I will still go into the studio with them and see if, together, we can solve the problem. That way we both work out trouble shooting muscles and learn from the solution. It may take slightly longer to solve it, however, it is more beneficial to know how to fix it next time, than to depend on someone else. It’s all about taking the time to really figure things out.
Another thing that has really changed how I live my life was learning how to longboard. I have always lived my life in fear of getting hurt, both emotionally and physically. Longboarding has taught me to take risks, but only the risks that I am ready to take. Longboarding is all about speed and control. You have to be able to stand at the top of a steep hill and not be scared out of your mind to roll down in it speeds anywhere from 10-60 mph. You have to understand how to control your board at high speeds in order to know what hills you are ready to take and what hills will end in you getting severely hurt. There is always the chance of being injured when you are learning new things but if you take safe risks, your injuries stay limited and yet you still continue to get better. Taking these risks have made me less fearful of everything in my life. And understanding exactly how to take risks has made me less fearful of taking risks in my musical life. It has made me understand how far is too far and when I need to push myself.
These little pieces of my life have helped to shape the person that I am as a student, a musician and an adult. Through the years I have become a determined passionate musician. I have learned about patience, communication, and pushing myself as an artist, a slam poet, an engineer and a producer. I will keep learning everything that I can about everything I find interesting from songwriting to longboarding to sound engineering to poetry. I will always be a student and I cannot wait to learn the next thing within my grasp and learn more about myself along the way.

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Experience & Education


  • Studio Office Assistant for Berklee Studio Office
    January 2013 to Present (over 7 years)

    I work in the studio office checking and organizing gear, cleaning studios, and assisting students working in the studios when they have any problems.


  • Shift Supervisor for Yankee Ingenuity
    June 2007 to January 2013 (over 5 years)

    I worked as a cashier and a stock room assistant. I also assisted with work in the photography studio, cutting matte board and building frames. Along with these roles, I served as a supervisor, assisting the less experienced employees, helping organize, delegating work, and helping solve problems.

  • 5th and 6th grade Camp Counselor for Chatham Community Center
    May 2011 to September 2011 (4 months)

    I was a camp counselor at the day camp at the Chatham Community Center. I played games with and supervised the kids, making sure everyone was safe and having fun.


  • in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music
    2010 to 2014 (4 years)