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Frank Smith

Online Student
Jammin' since '78 
Oklahoma City, OK
Member since 2006

About Me

I’ve played guitar almost my entire life, and I have a passion for music. I compose and produce from home, and have recently started singing as well. Currently creating some new arrangements to a few cover songs that I am recording and will apply for SR registration for. I am based out of Oklahoma City, and I’m always interested in meeting other musicians in the area.

Experience & Education


  • Union Steward & Safety and Health Assistant for Department of Labor
    September 2013 to March 2015 (about a year and a half)


  • Tactical Supervisor for United States Navy
    March 2000 to October 2014 (over 14 years)

    Coastal Riverine Squadron-11


  • BS in Business Administration at University of Maryland University College
    2008 to 2014 (6 years)