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Online Student

Rohit John

Online Student
People and events provide inspiration, my music is just the outcome of that.  
Boston, MA
Member since 2011

About Me

Hi! I am, like a million others out there, another aspiring musician who would love to make a break as a composer. My formal training in piano has been very limited, but I’ve been blessed with ample opportunity to work with amazingly talented people and learn from them. Something not-that-common about me, I usually find myself in situations where I can express myself better with music than with words, I can’t really say if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I am really excited about the course I’m gonna be taking, sounds like fun! ;)

Experience & Education


  • Research Assistant for Harvard Medical School
    September 2011 to Present (over 8 years)

    Working on the development of nanocarriers for delivery of nanoparticles for targeted cancer therapeutics as well as to encapsulate drug and deliver to tumour cells

  • Keyboardist for All4Him
    June 2007 to Present (over 12 years)

    All4Him is a Christian band with annual concerts. We've performed at various venues in Canada as well as in the US.


  • Composer & Music Director for God's Masterpiece: An Easter Musical
    January 2011 to April 2011 (3 months)

    I was responsible for composing over 1hr of original score as well as arrange songs for the musical. In addition, I had to work with the actors in order to synchronize the music with their dialogues and emotions.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Nanotechnology Engineering at University of Waterloo
    2009 to 2014 (5 years)