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Derek Vinegar

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Doin' it all for His Glory!!! 
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About Me

The most dynamic and musically interesting Christian hip hop artist has arrived, and his name is D.K, a.k.a. Disciple of the KING was born in North Carolina in 1983. DK has been doing music since a little boy in his church choir. However, the style of music changed after first hearing his older brother and his rap group in front of the congregation in a Sunday morning service. Since then he has been drawn to hip-hop. Seeing that the music industry has several weaknesses, D.K hopes to help fill the void with his unique and highly adaptive flow. D.K is seeking to change the misconception that gospel hip-hop is garbage, and that Christians cant spit. D.K says that GOD has given him a vision and purpose for his life. That vision is simply to Fight for the Kingdom. This is what drives him to beast on every track, as he puts it. And beast he does. As soon as this well groomed and general like artist takes to the stage, he commands it, crowd and all. Drawing you into his world and taking you on epic journeys of lyricism and emotional highs and lows, D.K is for a lack of a better word, phenomenal. I was able to speak with a few audience members after one of his most recent performances during our very own Fiesta celebration. Nicholas Grimes, 27, was not only standing in the front row the entire show but eagerly videotaping every move that D.K made. When asked why he was so intrigued by this rapper, he quickly responded, Because he is the future of hip hop as we know it, and people really need to hear this message. Powerful words from fans of D.K have echoed the entire day leaving not only a lasting impression on me, but on all those in attendance. Many have said that hip hop is dead. However, if this is truly the new future of hip hop as we know it our future looks healthy.

Experience & Education


  • Owner for DLV Productions
    January 2005 to Present (over 15 years)

    I practically wear every hat in my company right now. We deal in songwriting, artist development, production, and recording. Currently, I'm the one doing it all. From beginning to final product.