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Mark Joseph

Berklee Student
There is no Plan A/Plan B...just a plan. 
Boston, MA
Member since 2011

About Me

Passionate about music at an early age, Mark took every opportunity to be involved with extra curricular activities that revolved around it. Music followed him wherever he went, be it church, his after-school program, at home, in the shower etc. Regardless, he questioned whether it was the right route for him to take career wise. At 18, Mark officially accepted that music was his purpose in life when he was looking through his Mom’s old records of his Pre School report cards. One report stated, “Mark didn’t seem to like naps and wasn’t the best sharer, but that he was always overcome with joy and actually clapped on beat whenever it was music time!” This moment gave him great relief and caused him to feel at ease with his decision to pursue it. Robert Stevenson was his very first mentor and he helped mold a very young Mark into the vocalist that he is today. One can say Mr. Stevenson was his vocal coach from the age of 8-12. In 2010, Mark graduated from Brockton High School. This is where Mark started taking music very seriously. His chorus teacher, Penny Knight, was sure to get him involved with as many outside-of-school programs. Such as the Vocal Apprenticeship Program and the Young Men’s Ensemble with The New England Conservatory, Opera Boston’s summer teen workshop, the South Eastern Senior District Choir, and show-choir festivals. Mark’s life became fully consumed with music during his High School years. Mustering up the confidence his senior year, he decided to audition for the world renowned Berklee and was pleased to find out the he had gotten in. Mark’s time at Berklee has been fortunately very eventful. He is very active in the Berklee community. Be it, performing in on-campus shows/productions, singing reference vocals for songwriters, lending vocals for Music Production and Engineering students, co-writing, singing background vocals for his peers, Mark has been involved in it all. One of these many collaborations led to viral video on Youtube. In December 2013, there was a video uploaded of Mark singing “Oh Holy Night” in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts with Berklee’s Loft Session Music. This video would go on to make a gigantic buzz, being shared all over the web and getting major news coverage. This Fall of 2014, Mark will be in his final semester at Berklee. After school, he plans to make the big move to L.A. and make a huge impact in the industry one way or another.

Experience & Education


  • Tenor/Merchandise & Promotions for Pitch Slapped
    September 2011 to Present (over 8 years)

    -Sing the Tenor parts in A Cappella arrangements -Handle the merchandise and maintain all of the social networks and mailing list

  • Tenor for Harlem Gospel Choir
    September 2011 to Present (over 8 years)

    On call for gigs all over the state and country

  • Session Singer for Anywhere
    September 2009 to Present (over 10 years)

    Lay down vocals in the studio whenever needed.


  • in Vocal Performance at Berklee College of Music
    2011 to 2014 (3 years)