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Alexis Perrier

Online Student
Boston, MA
Member since 2011

About Me

My love of music began as a child in Las Vegas, Nevada. I began taking piano lessons at the age of five but I always yearned to play guitar. Finally, at age eight my instructor (a Berklee alumni) decided it was time to achieve my dream of guitar lessons. After picking up the guitar for the first time, I was motivated to incorporate new stylistic techniques from listening to the guitar greats into my repertoire. Although I play all genres of music, the blues by far is my passion. I am truly intrigued by watching the smooth tasteful playing of B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix’s wailing guitar, and Eric Clapton’s creative licks. Some highlights from my own music playing experience would include: high school jazz band, the pit for musicals in high school, acting as the lead guitarist and manager for my band in Las Vegas, and playing in Brendan Fisher’s original band. At Berklee, I have accompanied and recorded on multiple projects. The most recent projects include, Brendan Fisher’s original song “Nothin’ Much” recorded in the 160 studio, Brendan Fisher’s 1140 1A show on 12/3/15, Gatsby Party show at Aguacante Verde on 12/12/15. I have also recorded my own original songs “On Fire,” “Man on the Moon,” “Explode,” and cover songs including “Neon” written by John Mayer and “Who you love” written by John Mayer, these songs display my talents on vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. I am a dual major in Music Business / Management & Performance as a guitar principle.