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Gen Rong Neo

Berklee Student
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About Me

Gen Rong Neo is an Aspiring Producer, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Vocalist and Pianist. Since a young age, Gen has continuingly pushed himself in terms of musical exposure and experience. Although his love for music, and strengths are much closer to the R&B/Gospel/Neo-soul genre, he has had experience in a wide array of fields, demonstrating his all-rounded musicality and adaptability.

Experience as a Producer/Songwriter
Gen had always been an avid songwriter.
He began songwriting at the age of 16, and claimed his first songwriting award in 2006 (Most Popular Song Award –
His next songwriting achievement was in a competition held by Sony/ATV Taiwan (2nd place in Sony/ATV Songwriting Asia-wide competition) Subsequently he was offered a songwriting contract by Sony Taiwan.
Gen’s recent works are
• Vocal Director/ Co-writer – (Super Junior M ‘off my mind’ – Released 2011 Taiwan/Korea)
• Collaboration with Ryan M Tedder, Henry Lau, on a song named ‘CANDY’ – (SM entertainment)
• Produced ‘Only Girl’ featuring 2 other Berklee schoolmates, auditioned, then handpicked to perform at John Hancock Hall as finalists of event (Kollaboration Boston 2011)
• Produced ‘My Arms’ – Charlie Synder (Songwriting Major at Berklee)

Experience as an Arranger
Gen first started arranging as a way to express his songs and original tunes. His belief was ‘Only I knew exactly how my music was supposed to sound’.
He wanted to be able to deliver the final product and sound the way he deemed fit. Teaching himself how to use various tools, starting from Garageband and Reason, to the current industry standard of Logic and Protools, he was able to push himself to deliver astonishing results within 3 years after fusing his various talents that he garnered from his rich life experiences and exposures.
Gen has had experience in arranging for vocals, horns, small bands, big bands, and also strings. He also had previous engagements in arranging for other artistes. He currently produces and makes beats.

Experience as a Pianist
Starting at a tender age of 3, Gen Rong Neo was first introduced to classical piano and he had started pursuing a music career ever since. At the age of 4 he began honing his classical piano skills as he took private piano lessons with Ms Chew Mee Lin. He also studied with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Gen’s forte in piano would be in improvisation and his creativity in the use of harmony. This can be credited largely to his flow of thought and his ears that analyze music in much detail. He then taught himself Jazz piano and improved his improvisation skills after being heavily influenced at Berklee College of Music.

Experience in Choral Activities
At 8 he entered his first choir at Pei Chun Primary School. He found a great interest in choral singing and arrangements and soon embarked on a choral journey.
He then entered the Catholic High School Choir and assumed the position of Student Conductor after showing exceptional leadership skills and talent. What sets Gen apart from his peers is his ability to analyze and interpret the music. His ability to maintain his composure even in times of pressure sets him on a different level of potential amongst his peers.
In 2006, he entered the highly acclaimed Victoria Junior College Choir, which was ranked 1st in the country and 7th in the world at that time.
Demonstrating his stellar qualities, he soon assumed the position of Student Conductor of the Choir and was trained personally by Mr Nelson Kwei (Best Conductor award at the prestigious Riva del Garda International Choral Competition in 2006 & 2008)
Gen maintained the high standards of the choir and led the choir to numerous victories. (Audience Prize, Grand Prix Award at Riva del Garda, Italy. Singapore Youth Festival Gold with Honors 2007)

Experience as a Vocalist/Performer
Gen is known for his rich resonant baritone voice that he had trained and acquired over the years. His love for singing had resulted in him achieving numerous awards and it was all crafted through hard work. Some awards would include
• Best Soloist – VJC musicfest (2007)
• Soloist of the year award – National Accapella Competition (2006)
• Awarded the Best band award – Catholic High Music Awards

Some of the recent performances that he had taken part in are
• Represented Berklee at a Chinese New Year performance at Boston University (2011)
• Represented Berklee, performed at a Chinese event (Boston University, Harvard) (2011)
• Performed at the Berklee Performance Center with Gospel Male Ensemble (2010)
• Performed on a online streaming show in a duo ‘July snow’ (Singapore Music Forum 2008)
• Soloist in concert Opera in the Park in Singapore’s Botanical Gardens

Gen is currently furthering his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, majoring in Contemporary Writing & Production. He is also working closely with talented individuals at Berklee.

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