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Berklee Student

Tao-Wen Liu

Berklee Student
Tao-Wen Liu (Michael) 
Member since 2012

About Me

Tao-Wen Liu is a 22–year–old songwriter/producer/engineer/singer/pianist/French horn player from Taiwan. His musical education has mainly focused classical piano and French horn since elementary school. He started playing keyboard by watching his older brother practice. In grade three he was accepted into the best classical music class in Pingtung city, dual majoring in Piano and French horn. Since then he had studied classical music in an auditioned music training class, learning harmony, theory, ear training, and music history for over fifteen years.

Although singing was not his major instrument during his studies in Taiwan, he loved to sing. He was invited to perform for his high school’s graduation ceremony in front of over 3,000 people and the Mayor of Kaohsiung. Besides J.S Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and many other classical composer’s music, he has also been greatly influenced by Billy Joel, Phil Collins, Sting, The Beatles, John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Jay Chou, and many other great songwriters.

He had won many titles for piano and French horn competitions, and he also performed many times as a soloist, chamber ensemble member, and French horn section player in the orchestra. He performed in all kinds of famous concert halls with many famous artists, including the former French horn principal in Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Gred Seisert (Tao-wen performed as a second principal horn player in the concert.)

Now, he is an 8th semester student, dual majoring in Songwriting and Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music. He has been very active in working with many other students’ projects, activities, co-writes, auditions, competitions, career events from CDC, and master classes outside of school, such as Herd’s studio drum recording master class. He has worked with fellow talented players, songwriters, producers, engineers, arrangers, vocalists, etc. He has conducted, recorded, produced, arranged, and sung many of his original songs and some re-write projects. He has sung, produced, recorded, mixed and arranged many of his original songs including “Door”, “I will Keep Flying to the Sky”, “Sun in Rain”, “One More Step” and etc. Recently, he has done three re-arranged projects, two of which were a capella projects, and another with vocals, five horns, and rhythm session. “Just the Way You Are” and “ Dream a Little Dream of Me” were the two a capella projects; he produced, recorded, mixed and sung all the parts all by himself. For the vocals, five horns, and rhythm session project, he did “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” as an arranger, producer, engineer, session contractor, mixer, sequencer, lead vocalist, and background vocalist. He also auditioned for Singer’s Night, Singer Showcase, Pitch Slapped, Perfect Pitch and many songwriting competitions outside of the school. He has learned and improved massively from every audition, competition experience, and opportunities to work in teams with talented people.

Berklee has given him a big leap towards becoming a professional musician who can accompany himself on the piano and guitar, write songs in every genre, has abilities in arranging and producing. He has performed as a vocalist and pianist for many gigs, not only in Boston but also in Taiwan. He won the On Leng Association’s 110-anniversary theme song competition for their new anthem song; they also invited him to perform twice for their charity dinner in 2012 (On Leng is a commercial business association). Last summer, he competed in an original ringtone competition for Taiwan Mobile in 2013, and was chosen into the final round (Taiwan Mobile is one of the major phone companies in Taiwan, like AT&T and Verizon). He also attended the 2014 John Lennon songwriting contest, International Songwriting Competition, Songdoor, and Great American Song Contest, etc. In Fall 2014, his counterpoint composition was chosen as the best student work at Berklee, and was performed by Professor Marti Epstein in March 2015. He is currently in the process of making his EP this semester, producing it in a professional studio outside of Berklee. He is ready to present his music abilities at any time.

Experience & Education


  • Theme Song Songwriter/Singer for On Leng Business' Association
    February 2013 to February 2013 (less than a month)


  • BM Degree in Songwriting and CWP in Songwriting and Studio Proudction at Berklee College of Music
    2012 to 2016 (4 years)