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Berklee Student

Nathan Blankett

Berklee Student
Member since 2011

About Me

My name is Nathan Blankett, I am a drummer, composer and arranger.
I grew up listening to many different styles of music ranging from Rock and Funk to Jazz and World music. As I tried to imitate the small nuances that make certain music unique, I became very particular about my taste in music, which allowed me to approach the drums in a melodic way.
In my playing, I like to explore with different sounds and approach my role as a drummer on a deeper level than merely a timekeeper.

I was born in Jerusalem, Israel where I started playing music at an early age, first piano and guitar and finally moving on to drums. After studying music theory in high school I decided to choose music as my professional path. When I finished my military service, I began my studies at Berklee right away. Today, a senior at Berklee, I play with various musicians around the US, both as a sideman and as a leader, always trying to emphasize musicianship and interactions within the music.

I am currently the proud member of the Water Esc group, with whom I tour and record throughout the country, while completing my degree in Contemporary Writing and Production.

Experience & Education


  • BA in Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music
    2010 to 2014 (4 years)