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Online Student

Michael Pombo

Online Student
Live Sound Reinforcement Engineer And Recording Engineer Located in Northern Utah 
Ogden, UT
Member since 2014

About Me

Hello all,
My name is Michael Pombo. I’m from Ogden Utah. I am a live sound reinforcement engineer and own my sound company, ProSoundLive. I’m also stagehand, a high rigger and high boom lift operator, stage electrician, Film Grip, and have several other jobs in the entertainment industry as I have been a union/freelance stagehand for about 20 years. For much of that time I have been creating the venues for the Sundance film festival and in recent years have done live engineering for my own shows there. I intend to be studying both the music production and music business degrees here at Berklee in order to fill in the gaps in a knowledge base that is now closely resembling a very large block of Swiss cheese. As far as my musical background I studied choir in school, have a very basic knowledge of reading music and I play some piano/keyboard and acoustic bass(not very well on either count). My main interest in playing instruments is to understand and hear the frequencies that cause issues in my sound system so that I can dial in my equipment and thus be a better mixer. This is why I generally say that my instrument of choice is a mixing board. I have far less of a passion for music itself as an art and much more for the technical side of the music/entertainment industry. When I listen to music I tend to listen to the quality of the sound more so than the actual musical compilation. It is really no different than the way I watch a movie for the technical aspects and how it was filmed rather than for the performance value. Half the time after watching a movie I couldn’t even tell you what the storyline was. So I feel like I’m coming at this experience from a totally different angle and that what I’m going to get out of it is assurance that I am giving the best product in the industry.

Experience & Education


  • Owner for ProSoundLive
    January 2007 to Present (over 13 years)

    PSL is a live sound reinforcement company specializing in high quality concert sound serving the greater Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah areas.