About Me

Shiji is my name, which literally means “Century” in Chinese. I am a teenage percussionist from Beijing, China and now maintaining my musical education at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Started my first drum performance at the age of six, staying with music for my whole life as a career has becoming a striking target. Beijing raised in an amazingly open-minded family background, I have the opportunity to come to Berklee and have the chance of choosing what I love for life.

Chinese educational system is a magical system that unlikely for most of the students to handle both the academic works and their hobbies/interests. Therefore, most of the kids would give up their artistic talents in order to be settled down during their life at academically competitive high schools. Surprisingly, my parents decided to let me focus on drum practicing instead of going to school. I applied a homeschool in the States in which allowed me to manage my time between schoolwork and the practices.

The person who I feel most thankful toward is my drum coach Jiong Zhang, He is a rigidly and intensively harsh coach as well as a “father figure” in my life, who pushed me playing the drum with professionally perfect at the standard level within this global music industry, while still giving me a lot of on-stage chances for presenting.

During the years of studying at home with drum practices, I took experiences of playing in the Church as a drummer and also tutoring the youth at the young ages for percussion lessons. I grew while working, while teaching, while studying, surely.

In the year of 2015, I got the offer from Berklee, with excitement as well as fears. I found myself strongly insignificant after short time after I got here. Trying to jam frequently with different artists and auditioning for any types of gigs that need drummers, I learned more about myself as a musician, not only strengths, weakness, more essentially.