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Online Student

Chris Starks

Online Student
I create music because it’s apart of my design, it’s what comes natural to me. 
Member since 2005

About Me

When the question is asked, “Why do I create music?”, my answer is simple. I create for the same reason I take a breath, to live. I create music because it’s apart of my design, it’s what comes natural to me.

Music gives me the opportunity to express how I feel and experience life. Through song I can communicate things that would normally be left unsaid. I’m able to give voice to my deepest thoughts, feelings, and the life experiences shared by myself and those of my community.

Music to me is freedom, a ascension of time, and an escape from all the worries of life. My goal is to share this freedom with as many people as I can. Whether it’s sharing my music for an hour or two in an intimate venue or someone listening to a track on iTunes, as long as I can share this feeling of freedom I will count it as success.

When I begin to create I free my mind and just begin to play. Whether on bass guitar or a synth keyboard patch I search for something that grooves, something that feels good and excites me. Once I have a groove established I begin to build around it by utilizing different sounds and musical concepts just as an artist adds different colors to a painting. Anything I use in a song is subject to feeling. Any musical concept, technique, or sound used has to feel good with everything that’s happening.

My latest project is a Christian Hip Hop instrumental EP. In this project I will explore working with samples utilizing a variety of gospel groups, church sermons, and 70’s Blaxploitation movies. I grew up in church and gospel music always filled the house when I was younger, as I grew older I developed a passion for collecting 70’s Blaxploitation movies and a love for Hip Hop. With this project I will combine the three things that have had a great influence on who I am as an individual.

Experience & Education


  • CEO - Music Producer for Chris Starks Beatz
    March 2014 to Present (about 6 years)

    WWW.CHRISSTARKSBEATZ.COM Hip Hop Instrumentals for Sale & Lease.

  • CEO - Music Producer - Artist for Funkism Productions
    November 2011 to Present (over 8 years)

    Funkism Productions is an independent production company who provides music production services to established and new up and coming artist. Funkism Productions specializes in the production of Funk and Old School R&B.

  • Bass Guitarist for Temple of Greater Beth-El Church
    January 1996 to Present (over 24 years)

    TGB Music Ministry Ministers in worship, communion, and other special services


  • Bass Guitarist for Tribe 7
    December 2008 to July 2010 (about a year and a half)

    Tribe 7 is a high energy dance band. We play a variety of music including R&B, Smooth Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin, Reggae and Old School, just to name a few. You can visit our "Media Page" for our song list and more.

  • Bass Guitarist/Song Writer/Producer for Calumet Band
    July 2001 to July 2004 (over 3 years)

    Calumet is a multi-racial, multi-gender family of dedicated musicians with various musical backgrounds, performing together for one reason: "Millennium Funk!"

  • Bass Guitarist for Another Level
    January 1998 to January 1999 (about a year)

    Contemporary Christian praise and worship group.


  • in Music Production at Berklee Online
    2014 to 2018 (4 years)