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Online Student

Jesmarie Avila

Online Student
Brentwood, CA
Member since 2016

About Me

Jesmarie is studying Music Business at Berklee College of Music. A passionate and eager individual who is pursuing a career in the entertainment and music industry. Jesmarie loves art, music, networking and socializing with other individuals who are passionate about their dreams.

Enjoys talking to people with the same career goals or have motivation to pursue their dreams. She believes that people should love waking up in the morning and enjoying what they do.

“If you don’t love doing what you do, then find your drive. Pursue your dream career… it’s never too late. Money should not be your #1 motivator. Success is not what you drive, what you wear or where you live. Success represents who you are as an individual. Speaking and doing the things you are passionate about should be your daily drive, and that will make you successful.”

- Jesmarie Avila