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Online Student

Josh Wolfer

Online Student
Producer, Songwriter, Artist, & Engineer. Bring the soul back into music. 
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About Me

Josh Wolfer is a multi-talented artist, musician, composer, producer, and engineer.

At an early age, I discovered my love of music and the rock guitar. My older brother played guitar while in high school and when he’d be away from our house, I’d sneakily turn on his amplifier and play as much as I could. He showed me a few power chords and I was instantly hooked. I didn’t start playing music seriously until about the age of 18, when I purchased my first bass guitar.

I found that while guitar players typically get the glory, the shear energy power of the bass guitar was much more amazing. The majority of bass guitar players at the time, seemed to not make the best use of the bass guitar and I was determined to not only master the bass, but to use it in powerful and unique ways to integrate strong melody while maintaining deep, low energy.

For the next many years I dedicated myself to the bass guitar while also learning multi-track home recording and mixing. Several rock bands have come and gone, but the journey has taught me many things.

My most successful rock band, was classic / modern rock blend, Zen Vendetta. I played a lead role in writing the music with my partner Scott Eckardt. Over the course of 5 years Zen Vendetta opened up for acts such as UFO, Journey, Foreigner, Chris Cornell, SugarCult, and Def Leppard. ZV was in rotation across the U.S. on over 100 terrestrial radio stations and three songs from the debut album were in consideration (voting process) for Grammy awards.

During the recording of Zen Vendetta’s full length album “Out on the West Coast” in the Plant Studios, I learned first hand, the powerful role of a music producer. This experience set me on my journey to become a rock producer. I saw a new side of music and was fascinated with bringing out the best in an artist. I started studying producers and found Rick Rubin’s ideology to music production unique and interesting.

I learned a lot on my and and working with other people, but I needed to take my career to the next level. I decided it was time to enroll in class at Berklee music to further hone my skills and develop my musical career.

In parallel, I have built my own home studio using the knowledge I have gained and have worked as a producer, engineer, and artist for both rock and hip hop artists. I continue to write and publish my own music as well.

For more information on my music production company “Big Dumb Monkey Productions”, you can go to

I am currently enrolled in the Berklee Music Master certificate program for music business and production. I will be completing this certificate in Q3 2011 and so far have all A grades.

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Experience & Education


  • Owner, Executive Producer for Big Dumb Monkey Productions
    January 2011 to Present (over 9 years)

    Big Dumb Monkey Productions is a full service music production company that specializes in providing quality services for artists. I am the founder and really believe the key to production is bringing out the best in the artist. For more information please see:

  • Bass guitar session player for Josh Wolfer
    January 2000 to Present (over 20 years)

    I am a skilled bass guitar player and have recorded on many songs, primarily hard rock and metal. My equipment includes guitars from Warwick and Schecter and amplifiers / FX from SWR, Ampeg, and Line6. My playing expertise ranges from rock and pop to progressive.


  • Master Certificate (to be complete q3 2011) in Music Business and Production at Berklee Music
    2010 to 2011 (1 years)