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Richard Trotter

Berklee Student
Bringing Country up North. 
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About Me

Richard Trotter

I am a proud southern boy from the state of North Carolina where Country music meets Rock’N’Roll. Since I was a baby dancing in my diapers I have always carried a great affection for music of any kind, but these really grabbed my soul. I recall many afternoons playing my air drums in the passenger seat of my Dad’s pick-up truck. The song “Fight for Your Right to Party” was blaring through the speakers and I was just a singing and drumming along.
I would finally get to showcase my drum talent when I joined the band in sixth grade, but it wasn’t until the Spring of my seventh grade year that I received my first drum set; since then it has been a wild love affair. I participated in any musical opportunity my schools offered including: the South Asheboro Middle School Jazz band, the Asheboro High School Marching Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Wind Ensemble and the Comet Blues Big Band. These experiences allowed my creative side to run free when typical school items like homework chained me down. I was always extremely eager to participate in the band and my pleasure did not go unnoticed by the directors. They trusted me with the task of leading the drum line for my Junior and Senior years of high school, and any job opportunity that came up was forwarded to me. With that mentioned my directors’ generosity led me to performance opportunities such as three musicals put on by the high school and one by the community theater group, participation within the Randolph County Jazz Band, and I also joined the Greensboro College Marching Band for one year. My practice in high school led me to achievements throughout my years such as 1st chair all-county on snare, timpani and drum set. I even made second alternate timpani selection for the All-District band my Senior year. I felt like I had accomplished most everything I could in high school, so the only thing left to do was to apply for a music school to continue my passion for the art.
This leads me to my acceptance into Berklee College of Music. Since my first semester I have had just as many opportunities, if not more, to expand my musical talents. I immediately jumped on to starting a band when I first arrived, but I didn’t participate in my first professional band until my second semester. The band was “Adrien and the Fine Print,” a folky rock group that was very tight and dependable for putting on good shows. I had a blast with the group that semester, and when they graduated and moved to Nashville I decided to stay behind to finish my four years. The following summer of 2010 I decided to really get out and play drum set in the public eye. I would travel to many local bars throughout the Carolina hills and play with uncountable musicians. Whether it was an open jam or a party I was always on the prowl to perform. Summer ended pretty quickly though, and before I knew it I was back in Boston. School wasn’t for a couple of more weeks, but I had to come back early for the start of band camp at Boston College. I was a proud member of the Boston College Marching Band in the Fall semester of 2010 and received a lot of experience in the group. Aside from all the great college football games the band also traveled to and played for a Canadian Football League game in Montreal, Canada. The trip was a blast and one I will never forget. When marching season came to a close I also took the opportunity of participating in BC’s Symphonic band and Pep band, both of which I am still currently a member.
It is true that my primary instrument here at Berklee is the drum set, but over my first two years I have acquired talents for the keys, guitar and voice. I have taken two classes on keyboard technique here at school and a vocal performance class as well. The guitar is a talent I have been practicing on my own, but it is also one that I hope to take a class in soon. These talents allowed me to perform alone for several people throughout my Winter Break of 2010 to 2011, and have also really helped round out my study in the field of Songwriting. I plan on making a career with this musical passion, and I believe if my love stays strong this goal will never fall out of reach. I hope you have enjoyed a tiny glimpse into my life. Keep it musical!

Richard Trotter

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Experience & Education


  • Drum Set Player for Boston College Pep Band
    October 2010 to March 2012 (about a year and a half)

    I was a drum set player for the Boston College Pep Band. We performed at various men's and women's basketball and hockey games as well as traveled with the teams for championships and tournaments.

  • Snare Drummer for Boston College Marching Band
    August 2010 to November 2010 (3 months)

    I performed in the Boston College Marching Band this past year playing at multiple home football games and a special halftime in Montreal, Canada.


  • BA in Songwriting at Berklee College of Music
    2009 to 2012 (3 years)