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Andrew Ikenberry

Berklee Student
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About Me

Andrew Ikenberry is an electronic musician interested in creating art using the many new modes of artistic expression that are enabled by technology. A California native, he first became interested in music at the age of eight, when he began playing the drums. After a few years he switched to the electric guitar in an attempt to better express himself musically. In high school Andrew continued to grow as a guitar player and formed numerous rock/funk bands that performed at local venues. After high school he continued his musical journey at Citrus College where he studied Jazz guitar and earned an associates degree in music. After studying at Citrus College he traveled to Berklee College of music to study electronic music. Just as he switched from drums to guitar early on in his musical life, at Berklee he traveled down a different road in order to grow as a musician. Inspired by the many ways in which technology has opened up new doors for musicians, he began learning computer programming so that he could create new instruments for his own musical expression. His compositions span a wide range of electronic genres including glitch, IDM, computer music, and ambient music. The connection between noise and music and man and machine are heavy themes in his work and he often combines acoustic instruments, electronic instruments, as well as everyday sounds in his pieces. In the future he plans to release his own software plugins and instruments, as well as continue to compose in electro-acoustic genres.

Experience & Education


  • BA in Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College of Music
    2011 to 2013 (2 years)