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Marie Martine Bedard

Online Student
Why should be elite, music? Excuse me. Music must be for everybody. (Luciano Pavarotti) 
Montréal, CA
Member since 2008

About Me

I was born and raised in Montreal, a multicultural Canadian city recognized internationally for its vibrant music and arts’ communities, an exquisite environment abundant in muses. Similarly, my life experiences are rich and diverge into distinct pathways.

On my first path, while pursuing a modelling career and studying at university, my passion for music was cultivated through my love of performing. A journey of enlightenment ensued where societal stigmas and gender biases had to be shattered in order for a female electric guitar player to participate.

I gave approximately one thousand concerts, produced albums, documentaries, soundtracks and trained my voice extensively with Bel Canto singing lessons. I acquire my first skills in MIDI sequencing and digital recording. I also had the opportunity to work with Canadian music artist Jane MacGarrigle and producer Glen Robinson. During that time, my alliance with music intensified, and my musicianship grew.

On the second fork of the road and as a survivor of trauma, I was dedicated to my growing family and our bioclimatic engineering firm, while simultaneously acquiring skills in computer technology, digital art and sustainable development. I was also a Green Party of Canada candidate running for office in three federal elections and then subsequently appointed the Quebec Representative on the Federal Council, a group charged with advancing the federal agenda while addressing regional priorities.

On the most recent part of my journey, in January 2009, I enrolled with Berklee Online: studying, The Future of Music and the Music Business. Clearly this buoyed my self-confidence and awakened my desires. I am now pursuing a Dual Bachelor Degree in Music Business and Production with Berklee Online. It enables me to blend my true passions and pursue my adventure of activism through artivism in tandem with my own interpersonal healing from trauma.

I remain open-minded as to where a dual degree in Music Business and Production will ultimately lead. I aspire to convey my interests in a myriad of projects including establishing a Music Creative Production Center and Retreat for victims of trauma and rape. I also hope to become a valuable artist’s coach and producer while evolving in the music business as an artivist.

Experience & Education


  • Owner for Verte Folium inc.
    2009 to Present (over 5 years)

    Artivist & Guitar Player, Composer, Author, Producer, Music Teacher, Music Biz Coach.


  • Communication director for Martin Roy & associés
    1998 to 2014 (over 16 years)

    Promote the green initiatives and success of this small engineering firm specialized in bioclimatic and sustainable construction. Got to pay the mortgage ;-)

  • Board of directors / Secretary for Fondation Rivieres / Rivers Foundation
    2007 to 2010 (over 3 years)

    I know secretary! But as a real activist, wanted to help! This non-profit organisation's mission and goals among others are : - to preserve the natural character of the rivers of Quebec and support an educational goal, a socio-recreational goal and an environmental goal.

  • Candidate, Quebec Representative Federal Council for Green Party of Canada
    2004 to 2009 (over 5 years)

    Politic is great to learn the real value of a fan base!

  • Composer, Author, Performer, Guitar player for Bands and Other
    1900 to 2009 (over 109 years)

    Feels like for ever ;-)