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Marie Martine Bedard

Online Student
Why should be elite, music? Excuse me. Music must be for everybody. (Luciano Pavarotti) 
Montréal, CA
Member since 2008

About Me

I was born in Montreal. I am an artist, a musician, an environmentalist at heart, a woman of action and conviction…

My musical adventures trancends different kind of styles such as classic, punk rock , pop and more sophisticated experimental music.

In 2008 I reconnected with music… after placing my musical career on hold after an accident that changed my life dramatically!

At this very moment, I am working on wonderful projects in Montreal that merge my core passions: music and the environment.

Crispy french and ZeroCarbonMusic, which is a non-profit organization for Artists who are serious about environmental issues and their careers.

In addition I do many other things and have my home studio that I hope to upgrade eventually to something more … substantial! I dream also of a Green digital label and publisher, or anything challenging and adapted to the realities of the 21st century!

…Please to meet you…

Experience & Education


  • Artist for Crispy French
    January 2009 to Present (over 5 years)

    My new musical venture. Seeking musicians and collaborators from Montreal or online.

  • Consultant for Verte Folium
    January 2009 to Present (over 5 years)


  • Communication director for Martin Roy & associés
    1998 to 2012 (over 14 years)

    Promote the green initiatives and success of this small engineering firm specialized in bioclimatic and sustainable construction. Got to pay the mortgage ;-)

  • Board of directors / Secretary for Fondation Rivieres / Rivers Foundation
    2007 to 2010 (over 3 years)

    I know secretary! But as a real activist, wanted to help! This non-profit organisation's mission and goals among others are : - to preserve the natural character of the rivers of Quebec and support an educational goal, a socio-recreational goal and an environmental goal.

  • Candidate, Quebec Representative Federal Council for Green Party of Canada
    2004 to 2009 (over 5 years)

    Politic is great to learn the real value of a fan base!

  • Composer, Author, Performer, Guitar player for Bands and Other
    1900 to 2009 (over 109 years)

    Feels like for ever ;-)