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Online Student

Frank Nascimento

Online Student
Songwriter, Composer and Producer for Media ***Music - First, Between and Last*** 
Muri, CH
Member since 2013

About Me

Frank’s powerful voice met public ears the first time when he was eleven years old, solo-singing in a big church (without microphone).
The same year he started to play the guitar and to write his own songs.

About three years later he was asked to do the support-act of a known artist (the school had organized the concert).
He stood there alone on a huge stage with just his guitar, an amp and a microphone. Hundreds of pupils and teachers were listening to him singing Beatles-songs and some of his own compositions. Later he founded his first band “The Moonriders” together with his cousin. They were covering popular songs (charts).
Then Frank was looking for more challenge and became a member of the progressive rock group Cyberia. They only played their own compositions and he wrote the vocal part and was the front man. Cyberia won the second place in the Sihltal Rock Contest in 1985.
After the band went to a recording studio he got offered to do some additional studio work. It didn’t pay much but it added to his experience and it was fun too.

To finance his musical gear Frank went back to covering songs in party bands (as lead- and backing singer / guitarist / bassist) with more gigs and more pay. After some years he was contacted by the Toto tribute band TTC (Totcover). They needed a lead singer. He agreed and thus played in two bands. When TTC’s bass player dropped out he filled that role too.

When the party bands sort of ceased existence Frank joined the Classic Rock cover band Rocktober as bass player and lead- and backing singer. The band played the pearls of rock and Frank was inspired to write some more of his heavier songs like “Right Behind You” or “Fire On Ice”.

Experience & Education


  • Specialist Certificate (A) in Songwriting and Composition for Media at Berklee College of Music
    2013 to 2014 (1 years)